Fantastic Five Women’s Special Insurance Plans

Fantastic Five Women’s Special Insurance Plans

Fantastic Five Women’s Special Insurance Plans

Many believe that women need insurance more than men since women have medical issues more than men. That is one reason we find more women’s special insurance plans than ones for the men. The other reasons why women need insurance are spouse’s death, divorce, disability, medical bills that become so high, and the other misfortunes. What kind of insurance do women really need?

Various Women’s Special Insurance Plans to Opt For

At least there are five different types of insurance plans women need to consider. Below are five insurance types belong to women and complete details you absolutely need to know to get better life.

  1. Long term insurance policy for women
    This insurance plan will be truly valuable since it pays for the long term services. This insurance policy will cover nursing home care and home care service. Your assets will not be wiped out by this insurance policy. Besides, some insurers provide long term policy that will give freedom for you to choose setting and service types.
  2. Health insurance policy for women
    If possible, try to get the comprehensive insurance plan. But if that insurance policy is way too unaffordable for you, consider getting catastrophic health policy which is insurance plan that will cover medical crisis. Your health matters and you definitely need to get health coverage so you’ll be ready to face the worst time in life.
  3. Disability insurance policy for women
    Many women underestimate disability risk. Actually, workers around 30 years old have one third chance to be disabled for at least three months and sometimes longer. Women usually at the age 45 have three times possibility to be disabled instead of die prematurely. So women everywhere, especially workers, absolutely have to get disability insurance plan.
  4. Homeowner’s insurance policy for women
    If you have mortgage, your lender is going to require you to get this insurance policy. You should not let coverage to lapse or else you will risk the affordable coverage. If the house you have now is already paid for, you still have to get homeowner’s insurance policy. Many people have their home as the biggest asset for retirement. Make sure you protect your biggest asset.
  5. Life insurance policy for women
    This insurance is actually for spouse who has wage earning. This life insurance is going to cover the entire joint debts of couple just like student loans and mortgages. But, if you are a single woman, there is no need to get life insurance, especially if there is no dependents you must take care for. Instead, you better spend your money by buying the disability insurance policy.

Whether you are a single and independent woman or a married woman, there is always insurance you need to buy. Recheck our details about women’s special insurance above and make sure you choose the right insurance plan that suits your life. Especially if you have kids, insurance plan is going to make sure that your kids’ life will not be displaced if something bad happens.


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