Every Single Thing You Must Know Before Buying Pregnancy Insurance Policy

Every Single Thing You Must Know Before Buying Pregnancy Insurance Policy
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Every Single Thing You Must Know Before Buying Pregnancy Insurance Policy

Your future baby is so precious and you better do your best to keep him alive and grow healthily. Your journey starts not when your baby is born, but before he comes into mom’s womb. One of many best ways to protect your baby and his mom is signing the pregnancy insurance policy. This policy becomes so important since having baby is pricey and prenatal care is even pricier.

Understanding Maternity Expenses Before Looking For Pregnancy Insurance Policy

When a woman gets pregnant, she will need medical attention that is constant for both her and her baby. The medical attention starts from moment of the conception, prenatal care, and delivery, then finally the postnatal care. Those medical treatments usually ae costly. Unfortunately, finding adequate insurance that covers both mom and unborn baby can be overwhelming.

Before looking for the right insurance policy for pregnant woman, calculate the expenses you will make during the pregnancy. Below are expected expenses you will make during your pregnancy.

1. First trimester pregnancy expenses

Some expenses during this trimester include lab work, ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, doctor visits, and additional tests like DNA tests and others.

2. Second trimester pregnancy expenses

During this trimester you will need to do another monthly visits, lab work include glucose screening that makes sure you’re free from gestational diabetes, also blood screening to make sure you’re save from genetic defects. Abnormalities found will require you to do amniocenteses and another ultrasound tests so you can be sure that your baby develops normally during your pregnancy.

3. Third trimester pregnancy expenses

4. Delivering baby

Nobody knows how you deliver your baby. If you deliver him normally without complications, the cost will be between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000. But if you cannot deliver your baby normally, the cost you must pay will be between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Insurance Policy with Better Coverage

It is important to understand what your pregnancy insurance plan covers. Most insurance plans for pregnant women cover these services.

  1. Prenatal services that includes health screenings, birthing classes during the entire trimesters, ultrasounds, and lab work.
  2. Medical conditions treatment that can complicate your pregnancy like diabetes.
  3. Treatments or procedures to handle pregnancy complications, epidurals, obstetrical surgery, incubation, premature births, and extended stays especially in maternity ward, NICU, or neonatal unit.
  4. Emergency care and pediatric or routine after your baby born.
  5. Immunizations, checkups, vaccinations in early years of your baby’s life.

Even so, each insurance company offers insurance plans with different coverage. Always compare many pregnancy insurance plans from assorted insurance company. Check the details that include who can be insured, the services that are covered by the insurance plans, and how much the insurance plan will cover.

One last thing to consider when looking for the right pregnancy insurance plan is the billing process and hidden fees. What fees are hidden here? It can be the food you got from the hospital and other services. Don’t hesitate to ask if everything you got is included in the coverage.


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